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Convertisseur Duffau

Calculé suivant les conditions standard DIN 1343 : à la pression de 101.325 kPa et à la température de 273.15 K

The Ideal Gas Constant

2014-1-6 · air g 28.97 mol M . In S.I. units, the kilogram (kg) is preferred over the gram; thus the kilogram-mol (kmol, sometimes kg-mol or kg-mole) is often used instead of the mol. By definition, a kmol is defined as 1000 mol, or 6.0251 x 1026 molecules of the substance. The molecular weight of air in terms of kg and kmol is then air 28.97 g 1000 mol kg kg

Emission factors in kg CO2-equivalent per unit

2012-10-30 · (kg CO2eq per unit) Uncertainty Conversion Gas GWP GWP CH4 kg 0%25.00 Conversion Gas GWP GWP N2O kg 0%298.00 Energy Electricity Country Canada kWh 10%0.19 Energy Heat Combustible Black coal kWh 0.32 Energy Heat Combustible Brown coal kWh 10%0.40

THE PSYCHROMETRIC CHART: Theory and Application

2007-4-25 · HR1 = 123.1 g/kg of dry air v1 = 1.15 m3/kg of dry air h1 = 387.7 kJ/kg of dry air At state point 2: T2 = 62°C Tw2 = 57°C Tdp2 = 56.5°C RH2 = 77.3% HR2 = 124.5 g/kg of dry air v2 = 1.14 m3/kg of dry air h2 = 387.7 kJ/kg of dry air


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Air humidity calculation

2015-12-2 · q kg kg-1 specific humidity (mass mixing ratio in wet air)1 mmv kg kg-1 mass mixing ratio in dry air2 n air mol m-3 air density RH % relative humidity T C temperature TD C dew point temperature xH2O - mole fraction, volume mixing ratio of water 3 Vapor pressure of water: e=a0 T⋅ …

2020-8-14 · 1(long ton)=1.016(t) 1(kg)=2.205(lb) 1(lb)=0.454(kg)[] 1(oz)=28.350(g) 1(sh.ton)=0.907(t)=2000(lb ...

Compressed air expert | BOGE Compressors

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Air freight volumetric (chargeable weight) calculator

Air freight volumetric (chargeable weight) calculator. Air freight calculator is based on volume measured weight also known as volumetric weight. The air freight will always be charged per kilogram against the greater weight whether it is the actual or volumetric weight.


Masse volumique de l''air — Wikipédia

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Viscosity of Air, Dynamic and Kinematic | Engineering ...

At 15 °C, the viscosity of air is 1.81 × 10-5 kg/(m·s), 18.1 μPa·s or 1.81 × 10-5 Pa·s . The kinematic viscosity of air at 15 °C is 1.48 × 10-5 m 2 /s or 14.8 cSt. At 25 °C, the viscosity is 18.6 μPa·s and the kinematic viscosity 15.7 cSt. Properties of air at 1 atm pressure. …

Masse volumique de l''air, densité, kg/m3, air, temperature ...

MASSE VOLUMIQUE en kg/m3 d''air humide : C''est la masse d''un m3 d''air humide La pression du mélange (air sec + vapeur d''eau) est égale à la somme des pressions q''aurait chacun des constituants s''il était seul à occuper le volume de l''ensemble. Donc dans un m3 d''air humide, on retrouve la somme des masses de constituants, c''est la somme des masse volumiques de l''air ...

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0.5 mg/kg/d?_

2014-1-16 · 0.5 mg/kg/d:. 1、d:day,。. 2、kg:,()。. 3、0.5mg:,。.,0.5mg。. 50kg,25mg。. ...

Potential Energy in Compressed Air

 · To get an idea why hydraulic pressure tests are preferred to air pressure tests look at the energies involved. 100 kJ/kg in a container with 10 kg compressed air, when it explodes the release of energy is equivalent to. 100 kJ/kg×10 kg÷4270 kJ/kg TNT = 0.234 kg TNT. RE: Potential Energy in Compressed Air.

Air New Zealand: Baggage Fees and Policy

Air New Zealand''s Koru and Pacific Premium Economy New Zealand customers are required to have the Koru Priority tag on their baggage. Excess, Overweight, Oversize Baggage Fees If you have more bags than the permitted allowance or your bags exceed the weight or …

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Air weight to volume conversion

About air; 1.2929 kilograms [kg] of air fit into 1 cubic meter; 0.000747344 ounce [oz] of air fits into 1 cubic inch; Air weighs 0.0012929 gram per cubic centimeter or 1.2929 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of air is equal to 1.2929 kg/m³ Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 0.080713 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 0.000747344 ounce per cubic inch ...